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SDSC’s Jail Management System provides management of inmate records from booking through release. The system supports the functions of sheriff’s departments and detention facilities including Booking, Detention, Property, Classification, Events, Inmate Programs, Incident Reporting, Inmate Accounting, Commissary, Phone System Interface, Sentencing, Visitation and Release. The JMS is designed for flexibility and ease-of-use.
Key Features
 • Intake and Booking
 • Inmate Accounts
 • Classification
 • Education and Inmate Programs
 • Holds and Detainers
 • Housing Assignments
 • Phone System Interface
 • Inmate Diets
 • Mugshots
 • Property Management
 • Visitation
 • Release Processing
 • Work Release
 • Incident Reports
 • Weekender Scheduling
JMS Highlights
The booking procedure uses automatic navigation that guides the user to each function needed to complete the entire intake process. Inmate ID numbers are automatically generated so users can then enter warrant and commitment information and have the documents automatically produced.
As part of the booking procedure, the Integrated Mugshot System allows users to capture, retrieve and view any mugshot photo taken by the system.
Complete classification functionality is included to appropriately house inmates. Sophisticated inmate conflict functionality prevents 'no mix' inmates from being housed or participating in the same jail programs.
The system records all details for any holds or detainers such as contact information and Victim Notifications and automatically prevents unintentional releases.
Complete canteen and commissary management with integrated financial modules automatically allow or disallow ordering of items by inmates and keeps a running total of funds in each account. Printed receipts may be produced any time.
Housing information for the jail population may be retrieved using flexible search criteria. Users may search by inmate name, floor or cell or even a list of every cell an inmate was ever housed. Locations outside of the jail may also be recorded such as inmates at hospitals or other temporary locations.
Inmate Program functions are fully integrated and allow the scheduling of inmates to a program with complete roster management which automatically warns of overlapping times or scheduling conflicts. A program can be set up so that it applies to males, females or both. It also checks against the enrollment limit.
Like the booking process, the release checklist uses step-by-step functionality to insure every procedure and verification has been performed before an inmate can be released from the system.
The JMS can be interfaced with a number of third-party products such as mugshot systems, fingerprint systems and inmate phone systems.
Below are examples of a few JMS functions and features. Please click any screenshot to enlarge. All screenshots shown can be fully customized to meet the client's needs.
The JMS tracks all inmate data from booking to release. It includes inmate demographics, arrest information, charges, property, money, cell assignments, holds, detainers, alerts, keep separates and more. The JMS includes a mug shot component to capture and store NIST compliance photographs. It can also interface with other third-party mug shot systems and fingerprint systems. (Top)
The JMS provides a classification survey for quick and accurate classification of inmates. Once completed, the survey recommends a classification based on a point range that is user-defined. The user may either accept the recommended classification or override the classification. A record of the questions and answers is maintained for historical purposes. Alternatively, third-party classification tools may be used with the JMS. (Top)
The JMS provides for inmate cell assignment and movement. Users can schedule cell moves or move inmates immediately. Cell assignment functionality ensures that keep separate rules are enforced. A complete location history of all cell assignments for each inmate is maintained. (Top)
Each inmate's money account is maintained with the balance calculated based on deposits and purchases from the included commissary functionality. Individual items can be priced and allowable quantities maintained. (Top)
Jail incident reports are recorded and searchable by inmate, specific incident type, date, name, location and other criteria and includes full narrative text. Incident reporting also keeps track of any sentencing of disciplinary segregated inmates. (Top)
Jail visitors may be scheduled, logged in and out and checked for active warrants. Frequent visitors may be saved and linked to inmates for easy selection and to save time during visitor check-in. (Top)
Nearly 200 reports may be selected and executed. Many reports exist for jail management including housing assignments, inmate diets, and inmate programs. Reports may be printed or saved as PDF files or simply displayed on screen for instant reference. (Top)
Please contact SDSC with any questions regarding JMS features and functionality.