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Code Generation Facilities
Web-enabled business applications generally consist of four major elements:
›› Presentation Logic
›› Business Logic
›› Data Access Logic
›› Integration Logic

AFrame comes with a code generator that produces the integration logic for each application function. Using the presentation logic (HTML page) as input, the code generator builds each of the components needed to combine the presentation logic, business logic, and data access logic into a package which is attractive and acceptable to the end user. Eliminating the need to manually code the logic provides significant productivity gains and reduces coding errors.

System Maintenance
AFrame comes with a number of pre-programmed system maintenance functions to maintain the application framwork. They include functionality such as User ID/password maintenance, Function List maintenance, error message customization, data security administration, editable help etc.
Operating Environment
     ·Personal Computer (2.80 GHz processor or better recommended)
     ·2 GB of memory (4 GB recommended)
     ·Microsoft® Windows XP/7
     ·Internet Explorer 7.0 or later
Web Application Server
     ·ColdFusion Server (Enterprise edition for Windows)
     ·2.80 GHz processor or better (Dual XEON® processors recommended)
     ·8 GB of memory
     ·300+ GB hard drive
Network Operating Systems
     ·Microsoft® Windows 2003/2008
Network Protocol
Database/Image Server
     ·Microsoft® SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, or any ODBC compliant data source
     ·2.80 GHz processor or better (Dual XEON® processors recommended)
     ·8 GB per processor (16 GB recommended)
     ·750+ GB hard drive (depends upon user requirements)
Pages 1 2 3 (4)